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Resource management

Plan, assign and execute tasks, report efficiently

With increasing demand and change, continuously delivering value with resources is not easy, even for the most mature organizations. It is a common and constant challenge for the enterprise: making sure there are enough of the right resources and funding on hand to complete work well and on time. And that is where resource management can help.
  • Planning and scheduling – Understanding what resources are available and when
  • Available and required skills – Assessing the skills of each person and whether additional skills or people need to be added
  • Resource utilization – Knowing where people are already committed and if those allocations are appropriate
  • Resource capacity – Understanding true capacity to do work, recognizing that not all time can be utilized
  • Resource prioritization and allocation – Identifying prioritized initiatives that the most attention and possibly specialized skills


Tasks can be linked to anything, from project to an individual requirement. Tasks are displayed to all users in a dedicated panel. Project managers may create project plans, save baseline, assign tasks to people and track execution


Good resource management results in the right resources being available at the right time for the right work. Assign resources to current and future project plans, adjust forecasts as plans change

Planning and forecasting

Improve reliability of long-term forecasts by quick calculations using modern genetic algorithm and live data. Save scenarios for future use. Have online visibility into forecasts to drive business meetings and make proper decisions

Resources capacity

Resource capacity may be entered by team managers, workers themselves or external suppliers. Calendars, vacations, part-time work and project allocated time are visualized to understand how many resource are available

Accurate time sheets

Achieve better control over spent effort and budget. Saves reporting and collection time. Customizable rules and time period. Notifications and reminders will help to improve reporting quality

Main highlights


Proper resource management execution requires many underlying information that is changed frequently. Resource Management module is pre-integrated with other Eller solutions to get project, availability and other information, already available in the system

02Flexible configuration

Each company is unique and each process is unique. Our resources management solution offers unlimited possibilities for adjustments and will support changes as Your company grows

03Real-time updates

All information is updated in real-time, making predictions and business decisions more solid

04Managing projects

Projects repository with tasks, scope, finances, notes and files. Configurable project lifecycle. Gantt chart activity views, automated task assignment, resource planning and tracking


Assign, manage and track task completion. Tasks may be linked to any other artefact. Task discussions. Permissions and roles support